Thursday, April 14, 2016

On the Net: "Defining Missional Leadership" and Much More

Defining Missional Leadership

The subjects “missional” and “leadership” have filled up books for many years. Over the last century, the terms have been paired in books, articles, and conferences. However, in all of my reading, listening and learning, I have not found an authoritative definition for the phrase “missional leadership.” As the subject of my own doctoral research, I worked to develop a definition. The definition served as the launching pad for a seminar that I developed to be taught on a seminary level. But I hope that it could be helpful for anyone engaged in church leadership as well. Read More

How Big and Influential Is Your Leadership?

How big and influential is your leadership? What kind of leader are you? Are you aware enough to know the honest answers to these questions? One of the greatest mistakes leaders make is thinking we are far more influential than we really are. If all a leader listens to and communicates with are the people who think like them and personally connect to them, they are greatly limiting their leadership potential.... Read More

Three Temptations Leaders Must Fight Daily

John Owen strongly challenged: “Be killing sin or sin will be killing you.” Overcoming temptation is active, not passive. Defeating sin requires grace-driven effort. D.A. Carson said, “Apart from grace-driven effort, people do not gravitate toward godliness.” With that in mind, here are three temptations leaders must fight against daily.... Read More

Five Reasons Leaders Must Encourage

If you read any leadership book, you are likely to be encouraged to encourage the people you lead. If you have served with an encouraging leader, you know the impact the encouragement makes on the morale of the team, the focus of the people, and the commitment to one other. Here are five reasons leaders must encourage.... Read More

Search Committees & the Challenges They Face

I've worked with a number of pastor and staff search teams as they vet possible candidates for their open positions. These folks typically are God-seeking believers who want nothing but God's will to be done. Churches and their search committees face an array of challenges. Among them.... Read More

5 Warning Signs for the Church in a ‘Facebook Culture’

What effect does “social media” technology have on the way we view the church? On the way we conceive of life in Christ’s body? Read More

How to Deal with Social Media Criticism of Your Church

Unfortunately, church Facebook pages or social media accounts can be targeted by those who have a less than favorable view of your church, pastor, denomination, or members. Read More

3 Critical Components of Leading Others Toward Spiritual Renewal

Which is your church better at—radical acceptance or compelling challenge? Both are needed for people to find their way back. Read More

9 Trends in Church Membership and Assimilation Processes 

I’ve studied churches in the United States for almost twenty years. During those two decades, I’ve seen growing changes in church membership and assimilation processes – particularly among newer and younger congregations. Here are some of those trends. Read More

Honest Evangelism

In his new book Honest Evangelism: How To Talk About Jesus Even When It’s Tough Rico Tice "summons all who share the gospel to face—and embrace—painful hostility in order to reach the lost." Read More

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