Monday, April 18, 2016

On the Net:"The Local Church Isn't Going Anywhere" and More

The Local Church Isn't Going Anywhere

Here's to stale coffee, hymn sings, and the next two thousand years. Read More

Three Warning Signs Your Team Is Attuned But Not Aligned

Healthy teams are both aligned and attuned. Alignment refers to the commitment to the mission and identity of the organization. Attunement refers to the relational care and concern that the team exhibits for one another. Both are essential. Last week I wrote about warning signs your team is aligned but not attuned. Today I want to offer three warning signs your team is attuned but not aligned.... Read More

The Next Future Church Staff Position: Pastor of Community Evangelism

I can see trends emerging and patterns developing. For that reason, I can say that the next new church staff position will be the pastor of community evangelism. Read More

What People Learn About You as a Leader Without You Saying A Word

Habits and actions reveal more about any leader than words. And that’s what people study. Read More

Reading the Psalms with the Reformers

The Reformation of the sixteenth century can be understood in various ways, but it was in essence a biblical revolution, at the heart of which were the Psalms. Read More

Outsourcing memory and wired for distraction

If you are scanning this article—stop—you need to read it. Not because I am important, but because your mind matters! Read More

Individual Mission

How we respond to the church in exile? Read More

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