Thursday, January 05, 2017

3 Ways We Shortcut the Holy Spirit

The early church moved forward thanks to the unmistakable work of the Spirit of God in the lives of both the old and new disciples of Jesus. What we find here is not just a historical accounting of the birth of the Christian movement; we find here a lasting testimony of how dramatically and quickly the Holy Spirit can change a person – and a church – to their very core. This same Spirit that worked so dramatically at Pentecost is alive and well and working today. In these verses, we see a group of people freely embracing His work. And while we still see many across the world embracing the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives today, we also see many who undercut that work.

We see here what happens when the work of the Spirit is embraced, but what happens when it’s not? What does is look like when the Spirit is moving, and yet we do not accept what He’s doing in our lives or our congregations? What are some of the ways we might undercut the Spirit’s work so that we don’t have to actually own up to our own sin and truly repent? I’d suggest three ways we might do this, even now.... Read More

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