Tuesday, January 03, 2017

On the Net: "6 Disruptive Church Trends That Will Rule 2017" and More

6 Disruptive Church Trends That Will Rule 2017

Too many church leaders are perfectly equipped to reach a world that no longer exists. Read More

Does It Really Matter What A Christian Believes?

Is doubt a good thing? Read More

The Importance of Theology

Far from attempting to divide the seamless garment of biblical truth, systematic theology considers what “the whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27) teaches on any given topic and reflects upon the divinely revealed relations between the Bible’s various topics. Read More

Apologetics: How Do We Know Who Wrote the Gospels

Did Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John really write the Gospels? If so, how do we know? Read More

3 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Bible Study

It’s helpful...to ask a series of questions in order to evaluate possible studies—and to choose wisely. Read More

11 Weak Reasons to Leave a Church

I know there are legitimate reasons for leaving a church (e.g., the message is unbiblical, you’ve moved to another city, etc.), but too many people leave a church for the wrong reasons. Realizing that there are always exceptions to any of the reasons listed below, here are 11 “weak” reasons to leave.... Read More

Three practical ways to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation

As an ex-Catholic who spent 30 years in the Catholic Church, here are my three top tips to effectively share the gospel with Catholics.... Read More

James Emery White On The Rise Of Generation Z: A Post-Christian, Post-Millennial Generation [Podcast]

There’s a generation after the Millennials that looks like it will be even harder to reach than Millennials. Meet Generation Z —people born after 1991. Listen Now

A Matter of Integrity: Why Christians Must Stop Taking the Fake News Bait

Including a simple 4-step check-list to help us stop passing fake news along. Read More

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