Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday's Catch: "3 Problems with the Benedict Option" and More

3 Problems with the Benedict Option

For a Christian The Benedict Option is no option at all. Here are three reasons why: It necessitates a revisionist view of history (which I’ll call a “racial” problem), lacks the gospel (or, the “Catholic problem”), and sacrifices religious freedom (a “Baptist” problem). Read More

Is the Enemy of My Enemy My Friend?

In a time of cultural conflict, the enemy of our enemy may well be our friend. But, with eternity in view and the gospel at stake, the enemy of our enemy must not be confused to be a friend to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Read More

Post Tenebras Lux [Free Download] 

For a limited time a free download of Jeff Lippencot's symphonic work Post Tenebras Lux celebrating the five-hundredth anniversary of the Reformation is available on the Ligonier Ministries website. Listen or Download Here

The Prosperity Gospel — No Gospel at All

“What do you long for the most? The answer to this question will help you identify your god. Preachers of the prosperity gospel call people to turn to Jesus. But the motivation they give people is health, wealth, husbands, wives, jobs, promotions etc. Read More

8 More Reflections on Church Consultations

Just over four years ago, I published a post on “10 Reflections on a Decade of Church Consulting.” Here’s an updated list that now covers our most recent years of consulting as well. Read More

Five Common But Unreasonable Requests Church Members Make of Pastors

Though I have heard hundreds of strange and unreasonable requests made to pastors, five of them are common. In fact, most pastors will encounter all five of these requests in the course of their ministries. Read More
Pet funerals do provide an opportunity for ministry to a grieving individual or family and of outreach to unchurched pet lovers whom the individual or family invite to the funeral. The individuals or family itself my be unchurched. People do become attached to their pets and experience grief at the loss of their pet. The death of a pet can be one of those stressful times in which the individual or family that suffered the loss may be open to the gospel. When burying a much loved pet or interring its ashes, a few words on how God is the creator of all living things and how his providence extends to all his creatures is not inappropriate. Prayer then may be offered for the individual or family whose pet died. Simply being present can be a very effective way of ministering to the individual or family. I would not be too quick to dismiss such opportunities as an unreasonable burden on a pastor.
5 Reasons Immaturity Is Prevalent in the Church

Elephants in the room refer to obviously inappropriate or immature behaviors that remain unacknowledged and unaddressed. Read More

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