Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday's Catch: "Stay the Course: Keeping a Church Evangelistically Focused after the Launch" and More

Stay the Course: Keeping a Church Evangelistically Focused after the Launch

Church planting is similar to running a marathon. Read More

10 Times When Church Consulting Does Not Work Well

I’m a church consultant, but I make no claims that consulting always leads to success. In fact, here are times when consultations usually don’t produce needed change. Read More

A Sneak Peek at 'The New City Catechism' with Tim Keller [Video]

In this video, Tim Keller briefly explains why resources like The New City Catechism are so important for the church, especially in our "post-truth" age. Watch Now

‘Grace Alone’ 500 Years Later

A Catholic perspective. Read More

‘Grace Alone’: Luther Nails It

A Protestant responds to Catholic critiques of ‘Grace Alone.’ Read More

9 Healthy Responses to Criticism in Ministry

More often than not, pastors are criticized because they are leaders of the only organization that puts up with bullies. Read More

What We Gained When We Lost Our Hymnals

When our churches turned away from hymnals to instead sing lyrics projected on a screen, here is some of what we gained. Read More
Did we really gain posture? For ten years I worshiped with a church that used PowerPoint. Only a few people in the congregation lifted up their hands in praise or clapped in time with the music. Most stood with arms folded or hanging limply at their sides. Many did not sing. At least one member of my ministry team was honest enough to admit to the other members that he did not come to church to sing along with the band. He came to church to listen to the band! As for looking down at the hymnal, members of the congregation look down because they have not learned the proper way to hold a hymnal - at the same level as their eyes. If they hold the hymnal properly, their voices are projected outward instead of downward. It makes a tremendous difference in the way a congregation sounds.
The Revolution Demands Unconditional Surrender

Now that the moral revolutionaries are solidly in control, what is to be demanded of Christians who, on the basis of Christian conviction, cannot join the revolution? The demands have now been presented, and they represent unconditional surrender. Read More

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