Thursday, July 05, 2018

5 Reasons Most Churches Don’t Reach College Students

There are over 384,000 evangelical churches in the U.S. today, and there are some 5,300 colleges and universities, if you count everything from beauty schools to Harvard. The college campus is a relatively small percentage of the population, but it is a powerful percent that influences the culture at large. The college campus is a bottleneck through which almost every leader of this generation will pass at some point. Even though the number of college students at any given moment is a small percentage of the overall population, the amount of people who pass through the campus is amazing.

The sad reality is that most college campuses are filled with thousands of lost young people who are broken and searching for direction with only a handful of under-resourced college ministries seeking to make an impact on the campus. The harvest truly is plentiful and the laborers are few. Many college campuses in our nation are less than 2 percent reached, which missiologists would qualify as an unreached people group.

It would take a whole series of articles to list the reasons college students are so strategic, but here are three quick thoughts. Read More

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