Saturday, August 13, 2022

Saturday Lagniappe: 'The Gospel According to Dungeons & Dragons' And More

The fantasy role-playing game’s theological dimensions can be spiritually formative.

4 Ways Pastors can Refill their Depleted Souls
Here are four ways a pastor can refill a depleted soul.

How Ordinary Worship Is both Reverent and Relevant
In the 21st century evangelical landscape, there are two opposing errors concerning worship that grow out of the same root problem.

Truths the Devil Uses to Stop Us From Praying
Here are eight true statements Satan uses to put a stop to the most powerful force in the world, the prayers of God’s people....

How to Help Teens Who Are Anxious and Depressed
Preteens and teenagers are more anxious, overwhelmed, and depressed than the generations before.

5 Reasons Why Your Kids Are Not Listening to Your Lessons
Dale Hudson have found that when he is having trouble with kids listening, that it is often on him. He is not doing one or more of the five things.

Plan Your Funeral
It is a really good idea. You might even want to make a video recording of your own eulogy and have it played at your funeral.

6 Lessons for Evangelism From Youth Soccer
The church wins when everyone gets in the game.

Some Large Texas United Methodist Churches Vote on Disaffiliation
Texas has long been a stronghold of United Methodism in the U.S. Many United Methodist churches in Texas are weighing whether to leave the denomination.The Woodlands United Methodist and Faithbridge, two large traditional churches near Houston, both voted Aug. 7 for disaffiliation, while a third large church, Wildwood, adopted a resolution to stay in the denomination.

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