Friday, October 07, 2011

Consumerism as Evangelism?

How regular shopping habits can lead to opportunities for evangelism.

Effective evangelism comes in many shapes and sizes. One form is strategic consumerism.

My day off was on Fridays when I was a pastor. I didn't take off on Monday because I didn't want to feel that bad on my day off.

I picked up my kids after school when they were younger. We would always go to the gas station on Friday after school. The kids could pick out a drink and a piece of candy while I pumped gas.

We went to the same gas station every week practicing strategic consumerism. I learned this from Bill Hybels and Mark Mittleburg in Becoming a Contagious Christian. The big idea is to shop at the same stores so that you can get to know the people who work there and build relationships for sharing the gospel. To read more, click here.

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