Wednesday, July 04, 2012

St. Andrew's Anglican Church West Endicott moving to a new building

A congregation that exited its buildings in Vestal several years ago and withdrew from the Episcopal Church in a dispute over homosexuality and same-sex marriages will soon move into another building across the Susquehanna River in West Endicott.

For several weeks, parishioners from St. Andrew's Anglican Church have been cleaning debris from a former Seventh-day Adventist building on West Wendell Street to prepare for worship at the site, which has not been used for religious activities for five years.

The plan, according to St. Andrew's pastor, Rev. Tony Seel, is an opening worship service on the first Sunday in August, although the state Attorney General still needs to approve the sale. Read more

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Tony Seel said...

Thanks for posting our story. I read your story and I hope that you can find an Anglican parish in your area. Although I don't know exactly where you live, my wife's family is from the Cumberland Gap area of KY and I know that in that corner of the country it can be pretty sparse population-wise.