Saturday, May 26, 2018

5 Things Preachers Must Do With the Biblical Text in the Sermon

Okay, you’ve studied the biblical text. You’ve prayed through that process. You’ve taken notes. You understand the flow of the immediate text you’re preaching on and you understand the context it fits into. Now, it’s time to start thinking through the sermon writing process and how you’re going to present the biblical text in the sermon.

Here’s the question we’re going to examine: what are some things preachers must do in order to preach the biblical text well? When it all comes down to it, how we handle the biblical text is all that truly matters. If we have an amazing story to begin, but our preaching of the Bible passage is ‘meh’ then we’ve missed the mark by a mile.

For those of you familiar with the sticky sermon structure, we’re going to be working through the truth and application sections of the sermon.

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