Monday, May 21, 2018

The Best Followup Process for First Time Guests

Churches spend a lot of time, money, and energy encouraging guests to visit their church. And rightfully so.

Our churches should be places where the community is welcomed and where guests are expected. We should create welcoming environments, equip our people to invite, and constantly be on the lookout for fresh ways to advertise and promote.

But getting people in the front door might just be the easier part of a two-step process.

One of the biggest challenges churches face is how to invite first time guests back and help them connect with the life of the church.

Not just to attend, but to stick.

Not just to visit, but to connect.

With all of the focus on reaching first-time guests, we can’t forget that the follow-up or connection process is what helps new people find their place in the church.

Without a good follow up process, your front door will be more like a turnstile, inviting people in and just sending them back to their regular lives.

So what should you do after a first-time guest visits? What makes a great follow-up process? Read More

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