Monday, June 11, 2018

Evangelism Is NOT Optional #05

Who Is the ‘God’ People Say They Believe In?

Eighty percent of people say they believe in God. But what god do they believe in and how can we help them know the true God? Read More

Why You Can’t Just ‘Give Them the Gospel’

Understanding the relationship between gospel and culture is vital for evangelism. Read More

Your Friends WANT to Hear the Gospel

A full 79 percent of nonbelievers are willing to have a conversation about faith with a friend. What are we waiting for? Read More

18 Prayers to Pray for Unbelievers

A friend asked the question: How do I pray for unbelievers? How do I pray effectively? I trust that every Christian regularly prays for family or friends or colleagues or neighbors who do not yet know the Lord. And while we can and must pray for matters related to their lives and circumstances, the emphasis of our prayers must always be for their salvation. Here are some ways the Bible can guide our prayers. Read More

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