Friday, June 01, 2018

Practical Preaching Advice for Pastors and Lay Preachers #01

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Preach Other People’s Sermons

So what’s the problem with idea-theft, sermon-theft or writing-theft? It’s an integrity issue. It’s a character issue. And at the heart of it is giving credit where credit is due. Read More

Three Keys to Preaching that Makes a Difference

There are few factors more likely to cause a sermon to "crash and burn" than the lack of a clear, concise purpose. Before a preacher steps into the pulpit, it is essential that he know what it is he is seeking to accomplish. Unless the preacher knows what the sermon is for, no one else will either. Here are three keys that will unlock the door to more meaningful preaching. Read More

15 Preaching Best Practices

Tips from great preachers that make a difference in the pulpit.Read More

Practical Advice To Preachers And Writers From C S Lewis

Whether you are a preacher or an aspiring writer, master communicator C.S. Lewis has some suggestions for you. Read More

10 Commandments of a Great Sermon Introduction [Podcast]

The sermon introduction is extremely important. In the first few minutes of the sermon, there are some things we ought to do and ought not to do. In today’s episode of The Preaching and Leadership Podcast, we’re diving into the 10 commandments of a great sermon introduction. Listen Now

7 Ways to Avoid Writer’s Block as a Preacher

I’m not sure of any other vocation that involves creating as much content as a preacher. Every week, you’re creating, writing, crafting, and molding a new sermon. But you’re not just writing that sermon, you’re researching it, praying through it, letting your subconscious ponder it, and you’re getting ready to present it. Read More

Five Distracting Physical Habits of Preachers – Part 2 of 2

Every preacher needs to be aware of a potentially hazardous problem that can show up in their sermon delivery: distracting physical habits. Read More

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