Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Tuesday's Catch: "The Five R’s of Gospel-Centered Church Revitalization, Part 1" and More

The Five R’s of Gospel-Centered Church Revitalization, Part 1

We must never take our eyes off the need for church revitalization. Read More

The Unchurched Next Door - Rainer on Leadership #440

When it was published 15 years ago, The Unchurched Next Door provided insight into reaching those far from Christ with the gospel. Today, Thom Rainer and Jonathan Howe review the book and the research that made it possible. Read More

The Man-Friendly Church

These three congregations don’t have a men’s ministry. Why men—and their families—still love them. Read More
What is viewed as male and female activities in this article is not true in every area of the United States, much less in other countries. In my community it is older men that I see puttering in their flower gardens, and women of all ages I see riding on their Harleys. I have met a considerable number of women, young and old, who are rabid sports fans. If a church is going to appeal to the men in a community, it needs to exegete that community and find out what will appeal to the men in that community.
10 Common Characteristics of the Top Ten Leaders I've Worked With

Over the years, I’ve worked with a number of strong leaders in various capacities. Each of them has unique strengths, but I’ve decided today to list common characteristics I’ve seen in all of the top ten leaders I’ve known.... Read More

How People Pleasing Hurts Your Leadership

People pleasing might feel like a good way to get people to like you, but in the end it hurts your leadership in these ways. Read More
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Preaching with Flexiblity [Podcast]

What issues should influence the rhythm of our preaching? Holidays? Church calendar? Cultural traditions? Significant world events? Significant events in the life of the congregation? When should a pastor deviate from his planned preaching schedule? Listen Now

Watching our Words in the Age of Outrage

When James wrote “no human being can tame the tongue,” I doubt he knew what the media landscape would look like 2018, but his Spirit-inspired words accurately describe the age in which we find ourselves. That he wrote these words almost two thousand years ago tells us something about human nature. Twitter, Facebook, text messaging, and television did not produce our overabundance of cruel language, but they did create the means through which our words could be broadcasted farther than the Lord’s half-brother could have ever imagined. Read More

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