Monday, June 10, 2024

Monday's Catch: 'Defy the Decay Rate for Worship in the Church' And More

Defy the Decay Rate for Worship in the Church
Rightly understood, Christian worship is the opposite of a shortening decay rate. We don’t compress time into the present by riding the wave of novelty or looking for the next best thing. Christian worship extends and lengthens time by helping us reach backward and forward.

4 Dangers for Church Planters There were real dangers lurking among the crowds that Jesus was feeding, healing and teaching. These same dangers still exist in modern churches, but some are unique to church plants. Here are four dangers that I navigated in my experience as a church planter.

JD Greear warns SBC could lose minority churches with permanent ban on women pastors
As Southern Baptist Convention messengers prepare to vote on an amendment in their constitution, known as the Law Amendment, that would permanently ban women from serving as pastors “as qualified by Scripture,” the denomination’s former president J.D. Greear has called it “unwise” and “unnecessary” and said it could lead to a hemorrhaging of minority churches.

Gardening and God: nurturing plants has been a spiritual practice from the beginning
For many enthusiasts, tending flower beds and growing vegetables is a spiritual activity that helps them grow closer to God. It has been this way throughout Christian history, perhaps inspired by the story of the very beginning of humankind in the perfect paradise of Eden. Then from the earliest days of monasticism, to modern smallholders and homesteaders, faith and working on the land have been deeply associated with one another.

Fifteen Questions to Ask of Every Sermon Before Preaching
These questions are designed to help you quickly review your sermons before you deliver them. Use this checklist to evaluate your sermon’s content, tone, and application.

10 Things Parents Want From Youth Ministry<br/> Here are 10 things you are probably already doing that parents want from youth ministry....

Thank You, Parents, for Your Sunday Faithfulness
Gathering with the church on Sunday morning is one of the most important things a Christian does. But if you’re a fellow parent of young children, it may also be one of the hardest things you do.

Growing Up on the Inside, Forever
Physical growth happens on a curve. We grow fast, reach adulthood, and then stop growing taller. We’ll keep producing new cells as long as we’re alive, but we’ll never get bigger. Spiritual growth, on the other hand, begins during this life on earth and continues onward into eternity. You can keep growing up on the inside forever and ever.

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