Sunday, November 27, 2016

Donald Trump's First 100 Days: "Kellyanne Conway Escalates War on Mitt Romney" - UPDATED

Passive-aggressive tweets about rewarding loyal Trump supporters has turned into a confrontation Conway says is about Trump voters who would be betrayed.

Amid the internal fight over President-elect Donald Trump’s secretary of state deliberations that have spilled into the public in the past week, one thing has become demonstrably clear: Trump’s campaign manager and senior adviser Kellyanne Conway believes that Mitt Romney would not be a wise choice.

During an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday morning, Conway once again emphasized that the selection of Romney—a man who once devoted an entire speech to condemning Trump’s character and fitness to be president—would betray the base of supporters who propelled the real estate mogul into the White House. Read More
What happened to Trump's promise to surround himself with top talent if he became president of the United States? America does not need a revival of New York Tammany Hall politics on a national scale - an administration filled with cronies, toadies, and yes-men. What it needs are appointees who are genuinely qualified for the position to which they were appointed.
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Why is Trump getting so worked up over the recount in three states. It is a normal part of elections, local, state, and federal. If he had lost, he in all likelihood would have demanded a recount. Does he fear that these recounts will reveal voting machine tampering and other election irregularities and reduce the margins by which he won. In actuality he may gain votes. He would do better to say nothing and let the recounts proceed without comment from him. Does he actually believes what he told his supporters at his rallies during the election campaign, that is, the election would be stolen from him? America does need a paranoid president. 
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