Friday, July 17, 2015

Is Anyone Listening?

With social media, many people express what’s going on inside their hearts with the same level of transparency as sharing what they had for lunch.

“Out too late partying last night = overslept my alarm this morning. Guess I’ll be having ‘car trouble’ again.”

“Yay, lunch! It’s burger & fries day!!!”

“Just walked into a strip club and my Bible App told me I should read the Bible.”

“So depressed again.”

They’re letting us know they’re depressed, that their relationships are struggling, that they’re searching for something, or that they’re suffocating under a burden of debt. They’re giving us this stream of info by the hundreds of millions, and as they do, they’re giving us a way to talk to them. But we have to tune in to what they’re saying. Is the church listening? Keep reading

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