Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Tuesday's Catch: 'Pew to Pew: Learning From Church Switching Trends' And More

Pew to Pew: Learning From Church Switching Trends
Understanding the complex motivations behind church switching can guide pastors in addressing concerns among congregants.

Eviscerating the GOP’s pro-life plank
The party platform follows the lead of Donald Trump and his changing views on abortion.
Trump as switched positions on abortion over the decades. In 1999 he was "very pro-choice." In 2015 he changed positions five times in three days when running for president. Longtime Trump obervers will tell you that he typically adopts positions which he believes will garner him the most votes at a particular time.
How the GOP Became Pro-Choice
This past weekend, men hoping to become Donald Trump’s running mate have vied to see who can be more pro-choice on abortion.

Is the GOP the party of life and liberty no more?
Dobbs gave states power to deal with abortion. It didn't end the federal government's responsibility to protect life.

Church Planting in Inner-City Contexts: 3 Tensions To Navigate
Pastoring and planting churches in inner-city contexts provides an environment of tension that can increase both discipleship and evangelism in unusual and radical ways that may otherwise seem impossible. God is indeed at work in mighty ways in our cities.

3 Big Mistakes in Making Church Policies
The best organizational policies help make life and leadership better and make subjective issues clear.

What’s the Earliest Record of Jesus’s Childhood?
Michael J. Kruger evaluates a new manuscript of the infancy gospel of Thomas.

How to Engage With Young People on Social Media
Social media marketing for younger generations is always different—they don’t use social media platforms the same way millennials, Gen X, or Baby Boomers do. If you want to engage more young people with your church’s social media presence, here are four helpful tips..
Top 10 Bible Studies for Small Groups
Looking for your next study? Consider these top picks by SmallGroups.com members....

Teaching Others How To Pray Out Loud in a Group
Jesus taught the disciples to pray. Shouldn’t we do the same? Specifically, shouldn’t we teach how to pray out loud in a group?
Praying out loud enables the other members of the group to add their "amen to the prayer and make it theirs. It also builds up the faith of the other group members.

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