Monday, December 02, 2019

Monday's Catch: No Ordinary Christians and More

There Is No Such Thing As An Ordinary Christian

God wants his children to know that there is no such thing as an ordinary Christian. If you have called on the name of the Lord, you are not ordinary in God’s eyes. Read More

5 Myths about John Calvin

Like many larger-than-life figures in the history of the church, the memory of the French Reformer John Calvin has been subjected to various distortions that amount to urban legends. Read More

Domesticating Death

There are some (nay many!) in the church today (not to mention the world!) who seek solace in making death something less than our enemy. “Celebrations of Life” for the deceased in lieu of proper funeral services are requested even of reformed pastors by reformed parishioners in reformed churches. Faithful saints of God seek to conceal their sadness, put on a happy face, and focus solely on the positive.... Read More

Beware the Technological Imperative: Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

Technology is advancing at an exponential rate and there are many things that can be “improved’ through technology, but that doesn’t mean technology is right for everyone. Read More

Six Reasons the Multi-Venue Church Model Will Experience Rapid Growth

The multi-venue model is not new, but it is gaining momentum. I define multi-venue as worship gatherings at the same site beyond the Sunday morning services or beyond the same worship center or sanctuary.... Though the model is not new, there seems to be a perfect storm accelerating the growth of the multi-venue approach. Here are six components moving the model forward. Read More

What’s the Point of Reading the Bible, Anyway?

The point of the Bible is not to fill your head with knowledge. The point is to fill your heart with wonder. Read More

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