Wednesday, October 13, 2021

It's Wednesday: 'How To Lead Those Who Don’t Want To Follow' and More

I wish I could say, :I never had this problem."

You Can’t Just Put Kids in Church
You have to makke church more kid friendly

Survey: ‘Great Replacement’ belief Correlates with Christian Nationalist Views
God has chosen no nation to take the place of the people of Israel. The kingdom of God, Jesus taught, is in those who believe in him and who do God's will.

How To Set Expectations for a New Group Guide Start with SAFE communication.

When You Feel the Way You Do Right Now
There is such a thing as collective tauma.

Did the Heretics Outnumber the Orthodox in Early Christianity?
The history of the Christian Church does not support the notion of enormous doctrinal diversity in the earrly Church.

Your Muslim Neighbors Are Not Monolithic
What does the average Muslim believe?

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